1. Consult

We’ll have a brief call discussing your needs.

2. Declutter

The fun begins! We get to work and start cleaning out all the junk.

3. Organize

We arrange your closet and everything in it.

4. Sell

Make some money off those designer items you no longer wear! We’ll help you resell or donate.


Personal Shopping

Can’t stand shopping? That’s what we’re here for! Let us help you find your style and buy the right clothes to wow the crowd your next time out and about.

One-On-One Styling

Whether it’s for everyday or vacation, we’re here to help you plan all your outfits. We can shop your closet or help you find the perfect outfits online for that flawless look.


I just got married and was in major need of a closet makeover. I was referred to Closet Cleanse from a friend who had a really positive experience. We were able to go through all my old clothes (that my husband hated) and also find some hidden treasures we were able to sell. It was really fun, like hanging out with a friend. A couple of weeks went by and I got a message that my items sold and how much I got for my stuff. Overall, it was easy, fun and I was able to make some money to buy new clothes.


– Natalie K., CPA

 I can’t stress it enough: Amanda is the real deal. My closet was such a disaster that we had 10 trash bags filled just for donations and an additional 10 bags of stuff for her to sell on her eBay store! We started with her just organizing my closet, but I’ve grown to trust and love her so much, I now use her as a stylist for TV and red carpet appearances. She really taps into her clients and understands their own personal style. My life has been so much better since I started the cleansing process!


– Nic Mora, TV Personality & Blogger

The Closet Cleanse not only helped me organize my clothes but also helped me create a passive income by selling the clothes and shoes I don’t wear anymore! Such a great experience!


– Stacy S., Real Estate Agent

Amanda doesn’t just organize closets, she performs magic! The way she expertly helped me declutter and sort things completely changed my room and the peace of mind I have when I spend time in there now. I can’t thank her enough!  

– Sali K., Management Rep

Having my closet decluttered made getting ready so much easier and so much more fun. Working with Amanda was such an easy and pleasurable experience.


– Chantly B., Fashion Designer

My closet was a mess. It was unorganized, overfilled, and I needed a fresh start. Not only did she help me throw things out, but she color coordinated my clothes, my hangers, and she even helped me open up so much space in my closet. My closet has been saved and that all goes to Amanda. Her hard work and patience made this process easy, fun, and effective.


– Stephanie A., Student


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